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Sennik Biegun

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    Biegun - Zmiana miejsca zamieszkania wpłynie na ciebie korzystnie.

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  1. CityCaffe (Gość) 24 kwietnia 2013


    Sibling disputes corennnicg an incapable parent are sent to mediation in Ontario. The incapable parent pays the cost of the mediation and the lawyer fees for both siblings. The sibling with the power of attorney has the advantage of using the incapable person's assets for unlimited legal services and accounting fees. The opposing sibling has the disadvantage of residing in another province and would have to post bond before granted power of attorney. The third sibling is not legally involved yet loses his potential inheritance to litigation.The sibling with the power of attorney also has the power of personal care for the incompetent parent. He is being finacially compensated in his position and can choose to use extraordinary measures on the incompetent parent to sustain this income.It makes no sense at all for an incompetent senior to pay legal fees of a fiduciary and beneficiary. Continual Mediation is a waste of time where there is hostility; it breeds more hostility and continues the fighting.A formal management plan for the senior should be established and strictly enforced with fines being laid personally against any party who does not adhere to it.

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