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Sennik Furman

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    Zyskowne przedsiębiorstwo. Patrz też --> Woźnica.

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  1. Alex (Gość) 24 kwietnia 2013


    I agree that we have a healthcare poerlbm that should be addressed. More government is not the answer.Let's look at why healthcare cost as much as it does, maybe the poerlbm is with frivioulus lawsuits that the medical field has to insure for.Doctor's fees need to cover education expences, The price that hospitals charge for over the counter pills is way out of line.If "big insurance" is paying the bill, the average consumer does not care what the cost is.Here is an example of how national healthcare would work.The company that I work for, had a coffee pot in the break room, and the ones that drank coffee, paid $3.00 a month to cover the cost ,and they drank as much as they wanted. There was never a shortage of coffee.The company decided to bring in a new coffee machine, that would be free to all employees. At first, we ran out of coffee weekly, after about 2 months, they came up with the right supply.The company is spending more on coffee than we ever did with the old program. If it is free ..people will take advantage.This is exactly what would happen with healthcare.

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