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    Powodzenie w interesach i finansach lub ktoś nadużyje Twojej gościnności.

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  1. Taira (Gość) 23 kwietnia 2013


    Some things like your toatmo problem can be fixed by fiddling with the camera use a tripod and a longer exposure so the colors are more saturated, for instance, or endless fiddling with the white balance.My guess is that some of the problems with digital cameras vs film are due to stupid things where the designers tweaked things in one direction to compensate for something most users would do wrong, but did so in a way that seriously messes up certain other situations. For example, sometimes camera manufacturers anticipate that and really overdo it on the red. The effect is that that you see bright reds as very flat right up to #FF0000 and stopping there over a large area, because they have pumped it up (I don't remember why they do this).My camera is also sometimes weird with violets, which makes me really want to find objects that are truly violet to test it on (i.e. high-frequency wavelength, not a mix of blue and red).Really, it's a technology-still-distinguishable-from-magic problem. My fear is that the restricted gamuts of monitors are covering for the restricted abilities of cameras, and consumers are just putting up with it.

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