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  1. Fiz (Gość) 23 kwietnia 2013


    Do not despair!It's true, as we read in that other most ilanuimlting submission, that only Girls belong to the habit associated with managing their handbags (because practical items!), but becoming one is simple: A woman can be caused by the daily stress of going to work or attending school. Once thus transgendered, you're only a hop and a skip away from taking action and designing a handbag that will certainly promptly make your ex think that the lady is really an integral part of the idea once more. Result: love and happiness all around. And moreover: a small step for woman, but a significant step to fashion fluency for humankind!Caution:- Do not use dull light tan material tote on your provide.- If a fresh mother, design your very own diaper luggage.- Purses have been known to change the entire route of an attire. Stick to your trajectory and don't hesitate to use discipline.- If averse to the daily stress of going to work or attending school, there's always the man purse: herentassen, schoudertassen heren, and the heren laptoptas. Only available in globe tones, though, not in girl neutrals.- Some conditions may apply. No satisfaction expressly guaranteed. Bags are not toys; keep away from infants, toddlers and small pets.

  2. Blondii22 (Gość) 18 stycznia 2011


    sniło mi się ze pojechałam do szkoły i właścielem noclegu był moj zboczony sasaid miał psa który chciał mnie ugryż ale sąsiadka mnie uratowała a póżniej nie mogłam wejść do tego domu było cimmno i on wyszedłi mnie wpuścił do środka pokój był duży spałyśmu tam we 4 na takich dużych stołach

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