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Sennik Oleander

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  1. Albert (Gość) 23 kwietnia 2013


    my childhood dog Kiwi died a month beofre my twentieth birthday, she was seventeen and a half. when I am sad and depressed I think about how lucky I was to have her in my life for so long, how lucky to be there with her on her very last afternoon, lying on the grass and singing songs to her while describing dog heaven in details. I totally hope Maddie will get better, sometimes they do, I saw it with my own eyes two years beofre Kiwi passed, we had an appointment to put her down scheduled and outside the vet she started walking again, looking at us all like just kidding guys, I ain't done yet . and if she gets better you'll appreciate her so much more. but if you have to let her go, remember that dog heaven is an amazing place.

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