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Sennik Piechota

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    Piechota - Nie trwoń zbytecznie pieniędzy, gdyż niebawem odezwie się bieda.

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  1. Dennis (Gość) 15 października 2012


    6e2I guess I was living under a rock for so long that I came to know about this rucuks just now. Any email from Dunn Timothy goes straight to my trash for obvious reasons but nothing derogatory. I understand why the members of this sorority and its supporters are not happy with this media disclosure but all it does is the exposition of the suspension and contains none of the details, however grave, that led to this situation. What I don't understand is why are the same people taking a jab at the writer's writing skills. Are you trying to make a point? The report is a simple explanation of the recent probation and nothing else. It's not suppose to be filled with satire and metaphors to lure the readers. I think if the editors had done the latter, there would be an even bigger fire.Sororities girls are not saints, let's get that clear. Such matters should be known to the rest of the campus because when they come knock my door to save that poor girl in Africa, I wanna know whether they are worth the trust. Rather than using these social cause as a veil, sororities have to really feel for these cause. Being a member of a sorority is not just a stepping stone for your future career or for your sense of security.Girls drink, do wild stuffs and there is nothing to be ashamed of. You are allowed be humans. Just own up to it. PS: I like all the attention that Concordy is getting. Can't we have it more often? Does anyone even read the Sports Section?, other than the one who wrote it and the one about whom it is written? No offense to the writer and the players. I just think it's too long and veryyyyyyy boring ..

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